Thursday, February 23, 2006

As seen on TV: Seriously Summer

Well kids its time to open the filing cabinet of the mind and delve into the depths of idiocy to choose another example of the great expanse of nothingness on the box. This time we look at the promo for seminally third in the ratings station channel Ten, the true reason for so much teen pregnancy no doubt. The promo itself is designed to instill in the viewer the idea that watching channel ten through out the summer will be a rewarding experience. And as I've been doing that myself I can say without a doubt, that amputation is a rewarding alternative to the dross that graced my screen for this summer of my life.

The promo starts and we sit through all the bright pretty colors that we associate with Ten from blue to yellow and then back again, a little to dimensional you say well thats channel Ten for you. But in between these splashes of monotone color we are treated to a slideshow of images of people young and old, though mostly young enjoynig the outdoors anfd the summer like only channel Ten can show us how. We see people frolicking on the beach holding hands, as only watching said channel will allow you to do, its amazing how many people come up to me on the street and proclaim to me how channel Ten has saved thier marriage and family life, "Pope Terry" they say "You must spread the good word about channel Ten it has saved us" after a few quick slaps they seem to go away.

It continues people play guitar and dance in the ocean, lay on the sand two funky old ladies float by in inner tubes, oh my summer on ten is great. But wait whats this, I realise that througout all theses scenes of joy and gay abandon , there has only been one scene that could be people watching tv, we see a few happy souls holding a remote, but we dont see a tv, the could be doing anything. So a promo to advertise how channel Ten is the one to watch all through summer doesnt have anyone watching tv in it. What is the message here watch it because these people arent or summer on Ten is so lacking of any quality viewng that you'd be better off at the beach. Ah honesty, its a good thing.

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