Wednesday, May 03, 2006

So I'm lazy so what

Well its been a while and I can tell you kids are jonesing for some more wisdom from the one true guiding light in your dull drab little lives. It was only the other day that a group of orphans ran up to me in the street and pleaded me to tell them a story or give them advice about power drills, but I couldn't. These kids have to learn how to use the interenet to access these gems of wisdom... how else can they get in the practise and gain the knowledge of how to use the net to access porn.

But oh well, they will learn, eventually. But when will you get another piece of intellectual dressage, not now, at least. I have a life of my own and I need time away from the hectic everyday grind of being a pope, and leading people down the path of life, guiding them between the hazards of life and death. S a nugget of advice to hold you over until the next time I can be bothered turning on the dusty peice of technology that sits in the quiet corner of the vatican, and directing you to a better life as only someone in a great position of power can do.

Imagine you are bright eyes.... well Charleton Heston in planet of the apes, you know the original, I dont think it would be a good idea pretending your markey mark... long story dont ask, but lets just say that 4 restraining orders is the most you want to have. Any way your bright eyes, and your the only intelligent human in a world ruled by monkeys, and inhabited by stupid humans, wait... I dont think you need to imagine. How do we raise ourselves above the other great shaven apes the trudge along next to us as we go to work, is it a nice suit or a better resume. It could be but there are other things more important in life, what are they.... well I leave that to you.