Saturday, September 20, 2008

Saturday Serial

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Part 15
We rejoin our epic story of mayhem chaos and freedom, as a car speeds through the streets of suburbia heading for the powerful safety of the National Guard base. Dad in the front wears his high grade synthetic high speed driving gloves, Archie sits next to him in the front while mom sits in the back in her best dress looking longingly out the window.

“I do hope Billy’s alright, dear do you think he’s alright” she asks her husband.

“I’m sure he’s fine he’s my son after all!” Dad says back happily. Dad like all good fathers has shown Billy all the ways to kill foreigners. The Swedish blood hole, the Mexican pancreas jab, the Australian neck grab, all areas on the bodies of foreigners weak to attack because of their inferior breeding. Dad knows that with this special training Billy would be able to overcome anything he could come across, maybe even a deadly Caracas demon. But the chances of that were small.

“Are you sure he’ll be alright” Archie asks Dad in a whisper, not wanting to give mom another scare.

“Yes, most definitely” He says back loudly and confidently. He smiles to him self and plants his foot on the accelerator. Up ahead of them they can see the National Guard base, gleaming with hope on the horizon. These weekend soldiers who are trained to deal with fallen trees and bad weather will be able to save the day. Archie starts to smile, finally things are starting to look up. The car pulls up to the entry gate and the soldier on guard stops them.

“HALT, who goes there friend or foe” He says

“We have to speak to the man in charge” Dad says through the window.

“Friend or foe?” The guard questions again leaning down and putting his head in the window of the car.

“It’s a matter of national security” Archie yells from the passenger seat gesturing manically with his hands.

“If I let everyone through that sad that, there would be no point even having this boom gate, come on folks move along” The guard says whilst waving his hands gently in front of him. From out of nowhere comes the sound of a man screaming, the guard looks around but nothing, until suddenly from the sky

“24.38400 metres tall” Screams the man flying through the air before he impacts on the guard’s gate house crushing it with the force of a falling tree limb. The guard looks both shocked and saddened before screaming at the top of his lungs

“Were under attack! It’s the metric system!” and then madly firing his machine gun in the general direction the man came from. Dad Archie and mom duck down in the car, whilst the guard continues to scream, laugh and shoot his way up the road only pausing to reload be silent and then start the whole ordeal again.

“Let’s just go through” Archie says quietly under the noise of the firing machine gun, and Dad weaves the car around the broken boom gate. Waits in store next for America, what awaits Dad Archie and mom, where is Billy and Scruffs? Tune in next week…

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Member of, like what you just read. No machine gun to fire wildly into the air, then pop over here and vote for some of my other posts.


  1. Awww, it's a shame to think this serial is coming to a close soon, I love it.

    Now, onto more serious matters.. (Hand up, jumping up and down and screamming "Me! Me! Me!") I could be persuaded to appear in your next block buster, I would even waive the fee for the right starring role!

  2. Shrinky- Its still got a bit to go, to finish it properly without rushing anything. And noted Shrinky to be in the next!


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