Monday, January 05, 2009

Story Time: Al the Frog...

Once upon a time there was a little frog called Al. Al was a popular guy and quite the sportsman in demand, so when it came time for the annual sport game after gifting day, he was a much needed little frog. When his friend Aido the monkey rang him on the telephone to get him to play, Al was only too pleased to say yes and come along. Soon the game was on, and both teams were playing with all their might, yet still keeping it fun and friendly.

But it was a hot day, a very hot day, and after spending a long time out in the sun, everyone was very, very thirsty. While Al the frog started out drinking water, some of the other players drank a special frothy drink. After a while Al had run out of water, but he was still hot, even though he was weary of some of the effects of the frothy drink, when Aido his monkey friend offered him some, he accepted. It would have been rude not to accept.

The frothy drink was very tasty and Al drank it down quickly, some may say a little too quickly, because Aido the monkey took that to mean Al must want another one. He really didn’t, but it would have been rude to refuse once Jay the hawk had already gotten it out of the cooler box.

By the end of the day, Al’s team had won the game, modesty kept him from saying it, but it was Al’s terrific effort that had pulled his team through. It was a mighty victory, but being the great sportsman they were the winning team made the losing one feel like they had put up a valiant effort. After that game, the wining team decided it was time for an adventure, so they trekked to a cave said to hold more of the special frothy drink. But the cave was closed, and all the special frothy drink locked away from the thirsty mouths of Al the frog, Aido the Monkey, Jay the Hawk, Scaz the cobra, and the Real Rick D.

Finding the cave closed, they were sad, especially Scaz the cobra, he had been in the sun a long time and was feeling a little sick. So quickly Aido the monkey volunteered his tree, for a barbeque. An idea that went down very well with everyone, so off they went, adventuring again in the hopes of finding some more frothy drink.

Success, delicious barbequed meats, and all the frothy drink they could want awaited them when the arrived. And soon they were feasting and drinking, lying on the grass trying to escape the heat of the day. Soon though everyone was getting tired and the frothy drink was starting to affect them. All the people started to go home, soon it was just Al, Aido, Scaz, and Jon the rat who had shown up later. Scaz the cobra turned into a fish and piked it, leaving Al, Aido and Jon to keep drinking the frothy drink, they watched movies and did quizzes enjoying themselves in a good fashioned wholesome way.

Suddenly though, Jon said he had a surprise, and pulled out a special super brew from his cold bag of tricks. It was a deep purple colour and Jon said it was something his uncle had made. A special drink, for special people, and since it would have been rude to refuse such a special drink, Al said yes, and was soon drinking the very special drink. After a few glasses though Jon had to leave, and soon it was just Aido and Al.

What to do now they wondered. Music, they should play music, and soon they were. Drinking and playing music, the time past quick and soon it was early in the morning. And though Al’s pond was only a short distance from Aido’s tree, it was too far to walk. Al may have drunk a little too much of the frothy drink and of Jon’s special drink.

So he slept, in a bed in Aidos tree, only to awake the next morning feeling slightly sick. What was in those drinks he had been drinking, and who had allowed him to drink so many of them. This feeling now was clearly not his fault, he blamed Aido and Jon, it was clearly their fault… and Scaz’s fault, it was always Scaz’s fault.


  1. may I have some of that special frothy drink?

  2. it's always the damn monkey. stopped drinking with them years ago...

  3. This whole thing started going wrong when the sport was cricket.

    Rick D...which animal was he?

  4. Another damn frog blaming his plight on the rest of the world. Typical. Good thing there wasn't a fight. Then again, the frog would have just surrendered.

  5. NurseMyra- Well I'm pretty sure its available at any bottle shop

    Daisyfae- I know, but he didnt learn because on NYE he went drinking with that monkey again

    Matt- Well thats opinion isnt it... and wrong, but lets not go there. Rick D... he's just an animal, trust me if you knew him you'd agree.

    Les- Dam straight, whose fighting when theres drinking to be done.

  6. I believe the lesson to learn here is that there wasn't quite enough drinking going on...the frog was still green...

  7. VE- I can assure you, the frog was well and truly drunk.

  8. Was that autobiographical?

  9. Where do you find the budget to afford the professional artwork?

    Kidding aside, the frog giving everyone the finger one was funny as hell.

  10. CanadianFermentation- Now that I think about it...

    Chris C- I keep a budget each year and allow my self to splurge on some really proffesional retarded artworks.

    That one holds a special place in my heart aswell.


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