Thursday, April 23, 2009

Adventures in the Public Domain: The Cat and Leroy

This week on the Cat and Leroy, offensive jokes?

Page Nine

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The comics this spoof is based on is believed by the author of this blog to be public domain, if they are not then apologies and they will be removed post haste upon notification. really wants to hear the punchline...


  1. I don't think I'd recognise the smell of baseball bat in a double blind test.....

  2. NurseMyra- Well then, you'll never be the Cats sidekick will you... no, thats mean... you can be if you like.

  3. Hahaha!

    You must share the punchline of that "walks into a bar" joke.

    Me thinks it will be epic!

  4. alantru- I wish I could, but you'll have to give me a few more years to come up with it.

  5. I'm in no rush.


  6. alantru- I'll start on it... should be done by 2015


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