Monday, June 15, 2009

I don't know, titles are stupid...

So it's Monday again, and yet again on the weekend I did nothing. And yet again I have nothing to post today. I could post another start, to another story I have done. But since only two people read the last one why bother. Now though I have to come up with something else to talk about, dam you posting schedule, damn you like a beaver.

Something that annoys me, a lot. Whenever I hear it, it's like a banshee dragging an angry cat down a chalk board. It annoys me more than my constant and prolonged loneliness... awrh. It's that saying, 'the pen is mightier than the sword', and how it's constantly used the, (I'm guessing, research is for losers), wrong way. For some reason its been appropriated as some sort of flowery pacifist epitaph for non violence.

The let's all go and write poetry and braid each others hair, saying for the modern predicament. But, and remember I have no facts to back this up, it's not. Yes in real terms the pen is not mightier than the sword, I've stabbed enough people with them to know that a sword is far more effective. You have to be really accurate with a pen to get the same result. But in terms of the saying, the pen goes far further in the patented 'Mighty Joe Young Mighty Barometer' patent pending...

You use your sword in the war, but the pen signs the declaration for war. It may also sign the peace agreement but the basic gist of the saying is that bureaucrats will kill more people than soldiers ever will. Not we should all start writing limericks to get our problems solved.

There once was a man from Nantucket
Who kept his wife in a bucket
I'll see you on Thursday
Now I feel like a souffle
You can't tell me, you expected me not to say fuck it...

And now for some completely shameless shilling, go here and vote for the 'Mask of the Snake'. I don't give two flying fucks if you're not reading it, and if you are I don't care if you hate it. Go and gorge yourselves on democracy till you can't move anymore... just make sure you're voting for me. That's the way Democracy works... if you love me you'll do it. isn't sure thats what democracy is... but who cares.


  1. the chick fight scenes in "kill bill" would have sucked A LOT if they'd been using just pens...

  2. Aw you little sweet talker, you, since you asked so nicely.. (rolling eyes, muttering).

    I've not had a huge amount to say on my page either, as of late. It's how it goes from time to time. You are a great writer Alex, have faith, it'll come.

  3. I like your story. The pen is mightier than the sword. With a single pen you can write something that eventually reaches thousands if not millions of people and changes the course of society/civilization for good or evil, depending on your leanings.

    With a sword you can just slash at the person nearest you, and then run at the next person nearest you and hope they don't have a gun.

  4. daisyfae- well theres that scene in the bourne movie with the pen fight... that was cool.

    Shrinky- Awrh shucks Shrinky, I know I have a sweet mouth... wait what?

    canadianfermentation- Yeah, and writing with a sword takes a really long time...

  5. Now I really had to laugh when you said that the sword is far more effective at stabbing people than the pen. I have to agree...

  6. Let's all go write poetry and braid each others hair...

    You constantly crack me up!

  7. VE- The funniest things are always true...

    alantru- I don't think my hair is long enough...


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