Monday, June 22, 2009

MicroFiction: Pengrove and Goran

The light flickered slightly as the few lone moths bumped and jostled for the path to heaven, Pengrove sat silently flicking through his papers. Goran over the other side of the table resting his head on the surface rocking it from side to side. There had been silence for quite some time. It was a bad time for the both of them.

“I still don't see why it happened” Goran said from his simplistic hiding place.

“Because we made her to smart, that's why it happened” Pengrove replied blankly still going through his notes.

“It's not fair though, I mean you don't hear about Dr Chaos' Killbots running away do you?” Goran said back raising his head from the table.

“That's because he has a better publicist than us” Pengrove said looking at Goran for a second down the barrel of his glasses.

“Rudy is shit, isn't he?” Goran answered, he waited for Pengroves reply but all he got was a annoyed huff of breath.

“Any luck yet?” Goran asked next, laying his head back on the table.

“What about the 'Magic Six'?” Pengrove asked tapping his paper for a second

“Not evil enough” Goran replied screwing up his face

“Yeah... the 'CLC'?” Pengrove answered

“Too evil” Goran said immediately, he wasn't ashamed to admit, he was quite scared of that group.

“'Death Alpha Centuri' is just one guy isn't he?” Pengrove asked

“Yeah but he has his clones” Goran replied. It shouldn't have been this tough to pick new henchmen. Not that they should have had to, Pengrove took a deep breath and sighed out loud...

“Fucking Trixie” has never had any of its Henchmen run away...


  1. As always… Sweet post! How sweet? Sweeter than a sweet perforated rectum.

  2. alantru- That is sweet!

  3. It's hard to find a trust worthy henchman, much as I try I can't..

  4. Shrinky- I know, its tough...

  5. Guess what? Your time has come! You've been spoofed. And it isn't pretty... hahaha

  6. VE- I'll check it out!

  7. At least they haven't had to deal with Crimson Paraplegic and the rest of the Disability Trinity.

  8. RenalFailure- Exactly, there was an incident with Steven Hawking, but the lack of a ramp pretty much cleared up that situation.


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