Thursday, July 09, 2009

Adventures in the Public Domain: The Cat and Leroy

This week on The Cat and Leroy, the black text returns, and Pokemon?

Page Seventeen

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The comics this spoof is based on is believed by the author of this blog to be public domain, if they are not then apologies and they will be removed post haste upon notification. is glad he was paying attention when he did this one...


  1. Nothing beats a good cup of coffee and vengenace.

  2. In the USA there is legal presidence that allows for parody of even copywrite works if it done for parody solely. That means that many things are fair game for comedians.

  3. alantru- Two spoons of sugar?

    VE- Yeah I've heard about that, just have to hope this is categorised as comedy...

  4. NurseMyra- Just like you... Awrhhhh.... arwwhhh... come on everybody, Awwwrrrrrhhhhhhhhh!!!!


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