Monday, August 10, 2009

A special entry: The Pope stops by

The following is a special entry from everyones favorite fictional pontiff.

Hey kids guess what, its me Pope Terry, its been a while I know but I've struggled free from the shackles of oppression, the ropes of... something and blah keyboard typey... maybe I could find something better do do with my time. Eh fuck it... so whats new with you? Ha, I'm kidding I don't really care, its really just a courtesy.

Me, oh I'm glad you ask I've been doing so much its not funny. Well in between the exorcisms and other papal shit me and the cardinals get up to, (watching porn mostly), I havent been doing anything. What him, the bag of meat I seemed to be lumbered to... yeah he hasn't been doing anything either, least of all writing, which I guess is why I'm here. He bought some pants though, oh and he got married... Ha, no he didn't I'm kidding, he's desperately lonely... the loser.

He is going strong on the 'Mask of the Snake' though, now even being a fictional character, a product of his imagination, I can say without a doubt, its almost in the top five internet serials about drunken people and Nazis I've read. And if you're not enjoying it then... well don't tell him he's quite fragile.

Alex L: “Fragile like a fox”
Pope: “That doesn't mean anything, no fuck off I'm doing an entry for you”
Alex L: “Who are you entering?”
Pope: “Oh very clever”
Alex L: “Well I thought so”
Mum: “Whats going on in here”
Pope: “Oh go away will you, were busy”
Alex L: “Yes quite busy [shifty eyes]”
Mum: “Doing what I want to help?”
Pope: “Well you can't”
Mum: “Why not?”
Pope: “Because you just a voice, being put on by an imaginary charater, who lives in his head [points to Alex]”
Alex L: “Ha, suck shit mum”
Pope: “Son of a Namek this is getting stupid.” loves its mum, it would never get an imaginary character to impersonate her...


  1. i'm confused... pope terry, disguised as an imaginary snake mask, has hijacked your blog?

    methinks alcohol is involved....

  2. Daisyfae- You're confused? Try having that in your head.

  3. Will you kindly stop interrupting our good Pope Terry, here? Go and kidnap a woman or something, just leave him be - I was enjoying his little take on stuff and things until you had to come on barging in with your clumsy size 13 boots (okay, I am being generous, I know you only take a size five really, but what woman will ever marry you with gist of that??) .. eyes skyward, fingers tapping. We demand the return of Pope Terry. Hmph.

  4. Shrinky- What are you suggesting... actually I really do have quite small feet size seven about... well thats in a stilletto, in a pump I'm usu... I've said to much

    Bob- Good to see you again young chap!

  5. Is this like Pope Terry (of the) cloth?

  6. VE- At least a rag!


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