Monday, September 14, 2009

MicroFiction: Pengrove and Goran

“Come in sit down can I get you a drink?” Pengrove asks showing the man in his office to a spare seat. The man smiles and wanders over to the chair slowly sitting down whilst taking in the surroundings.

“Uh, no, no thank you I'm fine” He replies still smiling though a little awkwardly.

“So... Adrian, is it... you want to work for us” Pengrove asks leaning back in his chair

“Um, yeah I guess” He fixes his hair as he talks the van ride wasn't so bad but the bag had really messed up the product in his hair. He keeps looking around the office newspaper clippings scatter the walls all headlined with either 'Danger' or 'Disaster', or some other overblown description.

“What is it you actually do here?” Adrian asks focusing on the picture of the shapely robot woman with darts sticking out of it.

“We are a... what would you say we do here Goran?” Pengrove asks turning and looking out the missing wall into the rest of the lab. The entire office merely a TV set like construction of three walls and a large open space.

“Gee, that's a tough one, I'd say we're a global... transition, company” Goran suggested rolling his hand. He then went back to playing with the Tesla glove he was working on.

“Global transition” Pengrove said smiling back at Adrian.

“You guys try to take over the world?” Adrian mumbled.

“Yeah... you have a problem with that” Goran asked from out in the lab

“No... I used to work at google” Adrian replied

“Oh... impressive” Pengrove mutters taking down a few notes. has been good to me over the years...


  1. Ha...pretty much true. We'll all be working at Google soon...under the leadership of a Sith lord

  2. VE- Well, the darkside is tempting...

  3. As long as men keep making them, all women robots will be shapely.

  4. renalfailure- Exactly, even if its form before function, they must always be shapely.


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