Monday, September 21, 2009

The Pitch: Nixon Goes to Hell

What... fuck its Monday again already. I don't know where does the time go. OK, post idea, idea for a post. Um, shiiiiiit, I don't know. Alright movie idea, Kennedy era white house, no... Nixon era. What he was a better president. And no one was going to stick that salt lick anywhere near their mouths. So Nixon finds a gate to hell behind a closet in the Lincoln suite, its where Bubba installed the hot tub during his reign... so sequel.

Anyway Nixon finds a gate to hell and decides for a laugh, lets go through it. Once he does go through it though, it opens the door wide open and stuff starts to poor back through. Horrible things, like demons, ghosts and... pickles... I'm so lonely... So when Nixon comes back through the white house is just crazy like... you know like, like that. And of course its the eve of the visit from Mr Russian the leader of Russia, and his hot wife Rosario Dawson, played by herself.

So Nixon has to shove all the demons and ghosts back through the gate and get shit cleaned up before Mr Russia rocks up the next morning. Its kind of like Ghostbusters meets Thirteen Days, but with hot steamy lesbian love scenes and a lot more decapitation. Starring Samuel L. Jackson as Richard Nixon and Burt Reynolds as the surly but lovable Donald Rumsfeild. Its danger, intrigue, comedy, ludicrous amounts of violence, and hardcore pornography wrapped into one neat little package. 'Nixon goes to hell' coming summer 2013...

Hey, Knock knock...
And the Barmen says...
About 140 pounds... Doesn't think this will work...


  1. i'd go see this one...

  2. Daisyfae- Of course you would, its a great fucking idea!

  3. mmm... hairy chest.....

  4. Nurse- I guessed you might be a fan of Burt.

  5. Nice post dude,your not hot but cool.


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