Monday, September 07, 2009

A special entry: Karma, Ying and Yang

People are stupid, but you already know that don't you, you've been visiting this site for how long? If you haven't learnt that by now then, well maybe you're one of them, don't worry I wont tell. Yet. But yes people are stupid and annoying, for many reasons one of which I will investigate today.

And when I say investigate I really mean complain and rant, because that's how things work around here. And if it doesn't pan out then I'll swear for a bit and hope no ones reading. Which is likely. Karma, the force that binds the universe together, apart from of course physics the midichlorians, and the long noodly appendages of the great flying spaghetti monster. The belief that every action has a reaction... wait was that Newton... or Kennedy. Ha! physics and Australian cultural icons in the one joke, no ones going to get that are they?

Anyway Karma, some people believe in Karma, some sort of metaphysical force swirling around the ether designed to bitchslap or reward given the nature of its whim. Which is fine. But then some people seem to think that Yin and Yang have something to do with it as well. Those people that claim to be Buddhists, but still eat meat and like gay people, (its frowned upon in Buddhism kids look it up, they're not as loving and as tolerant as you think... fuck Tibet...)

If Yin and Yang were related to Karma here's how shit would work. You do something good for someone, yeah you'd have something good destined to come over the horizon like some shining white knight of goodness and cookies. But then to deal with the Yin and Yang part of it you'd then have to do something bad to even it out. Like help an old lady across the road, (the good in case you're wondering), and then stabbing her in the face with some BBQ tongs (the bad in case you're... you know that ones probably self explanatory isn't it), to make the universe even.

Yin and Yang are two opposite things, think of it as black and white, the universe is made up of equal amounts of each, nothing can ever get out of balance. It is balance. Karma is don't watch your neighbours fooling around in their pool because one day you'll end up locked naked in a phone booth with the handset glued to the talky end of your peen.

Yin and Yang isn't something you can exploit for reward, its like porn on the Internet, its just there, existing outside of the physical world. If you look for it, you'll, find... it. If you don't look for it, you'll find it anyway probably won't you. Bad example. Sure believe in Karma be good and believe that's why good things happen to you. But then lets switch back to the Yin and Yang... yeah you're being the bestest mo fucker (can I just say how happy it makes me that when you spellcheck 'mofucker' in blogger it actually suggests 'mo fucker' as a correct wording) you can possibly be, but that just means that there is an opposite out there... believes in Kin Yarma!


  1. I don't believe in karma but I love that image of cthulhu god

  2. NurseMyra- Will you touch his noodly appendage...

  3. "shining white knight of goodness and cookies"

    dream date... especially if he has a really big weiner...

    karma? inconsistent at best. make your own karma...

  4. Daisyfae- Sausage and cookies, its not the best of combinations... oh you meant... never mind.

  5. what's wrong with sausage and cookies?

  6. NurseMyra- If you have to ask Nurse, I guess you'll never know...
    Yeah I don't know either...

  7. To me the idea of Yin/Yang is about guidance that you can look to and use within yourself/life. Yin/Yang can be independent of other belief systems.

    Karma is a belief that is reliant on other systems for it to work.

  8. CanadianFermentation- Intelligent opinions have no place on the internet...

  9. they don't? that is good news ...


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