Monday, September 28, 2009

A special entry: Monday

Monday... I'm really starting to hate Mondays. Not that I loved them before, but now its starting to get ridiculous. Oh well.

Spent the weekend watching the grand final. AFL, if anyone cares, Geelong vs Saint Kilda, Geelong won, in what turned out to be a fairly interesting match actually. I'm not really a fan of AFL but hanging out in a mates back yard with a boot load of piss and a fair whack of meat to fry is always going to be appealing. But it was arse fuck cold as well. I'm not quite sure what that measure of temperature figures out to in Fahrenheit, but it was chilly.

So after the game we lit a fire, huddled around and continued to drink. Well they did, I was out of beer and decided to call it quits, soft I know, but I kind of sensed the type of night that was going to follow. Of course being in a suburban area, my mates house didn't really have that much wood just lying around, so after starting the fire with metho and cardboard. We procured some wood the only way we knew how. By stealing borrowing the pallets from the houses still being built. Ah treated pine, you burn brighter than the sun.

It was an odd night, there was an encounter with a neighbour who may or may not have been quite attractive, and may or may not have been of legal age. Its hard to tell when all you can see is the shadowy outline of them waving in their bathroom window. And that's not a euphemism, they were actually waving watching us through their bathroom window, and why wouldn't you be watching a bunch of naked drunk blokes.

Then the fire jumping started... which to me is still a mystery, maybe I was the only one sober, but for some reason the risk of 3rd degree burns to major parts of your body becomes completely acceptable once you have consumed enough alcohol. Who am I to judge though, I've been told at a recent social event I fell on a dog, and that's not a euphemism either. It was around about the time the host attempted to jump the wheelie bin full of empties and didn't make it, and almost rolled into the fire that I decided yeah, I should get the fuck outta dodge go home and have some toast and a lie down.

All in all a good weekend... fire jump at every opportunity...


  1. When I was growing up in Dunedin, NZ, the thing to do when one was drunk was roll down Baldwin Street in a barrel - an incredibly dangerous activity....

    I believe they do it now in wheely bins which would not be any less dangerous. I think I'd rather try to jump over a fire

  2. NurseMyra- Hard choice isn't it crippling bone injuries or massive burns... or we could just leave it to the drunks ;)

  3. Hmn, I have vague recollections of being pushed home in a supermarket trolley once or twice, but can't say as how I recall jumping any fires back then. Ah, the youth of today, they sure know how to enjoy themselves!

    I think it was a wise move for you to quit whist you were ahead. (Smile)

  4. your instincts seem to be fairly refined. i am still prone to alcohol-fueled stupidity from time to time. rarely involves fire, though, although naked drunk men have occasionally been in the game...

  5. Ah the dangers of maturity -- missing out on that early-morning trip to the hospital.

  6. Strange... the dumbest things I've done over the past few years have been while stone cold sober. So either drinking increases my intelligence or I've forgotten how to live life to the fullest.

  7. Shrinky- I've never had to be pushed home in a trolley, well not that I remember

    Daisyfae- Naked drunken men are always involved in alcohol stupidity

    Mark- Yes maturity has some real big drawbacks

    Renalfailure- It definitely increases your intelligence

  8. Does huggies make Fire-retardent diapers?

  9. VE- Yeah course they do, I'm wearing them now, safety first and all that.

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